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Jul 27, 2011 5:00am EDT
to come -- >> one year until the opening ceremonies in the 2012 olympic games. what we hear about the expectations of the tournament. >> heavy floods are continuing in parts of the philippines. tens of thousands of people are being forced out of their homes. at least 20 people are thought to have died. daniel has more. >> shelter from the storm. she's safe now. rescued from the floods that have hit the philippines. but there are many more. villages and towns under water. half a million people here have been affected. these are the worst floods in this region for years. once, these were streets. but look at them now. getting through this to safety is a difficult journey. these people never had much. now they just have what they can carry with them. the government's launched a major rescue operation. these boats are the only way to reach those stranded by the floodwaters. >> she's safe. so is he. but what about the others? we had nowhere to run to, says nancy, so we just stayed here on the street. we're stranded, alex said. we can't go down the road, because the water level was too
Jul 27, 2011 12:30am PDT
are watching "newsday." live from singapore and london. the london olympics is one year away. we look at how beijing benefited from the games legacy. the father of the 18th winehouse -- of amy winehouse leads the tribute to his daughter at her funeral. >> tens of thousands of people have been forced to free their -- flee their homes due to a tropical storm. many are missing. daniel has the story. >> shelter from the storm. safe now, rescued from the floods that hit the philippines. but there are many more, bridges and towns under water. half of a million people have been affected. these are the worst floods in years. look at them now, getting through to safety is a difficult journey. now they have only what they can carry with them. they are the only way to reach those stranded by the floodwaters. 1/2 she is safe. so is he. what about the others? we have nowhere to run to. so we are just on the street. not allowed to go down the road because the water level was to buy. the storm has not passed yet. more rain and misery over the coming days. nature has blessed them with nothing. >> three days
Jul 26, 2011 6:00pm PDT
to come on the program with, the london olympics exactly a year away, we look at how beijing has benefited from the game's legacy. >> and amy winehouse's father leads the tributes to his angel daughter, as family and friends attend the singer's funeral. >> e7bs of thousands of people have been -- 2e7bs of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes after a tropical storm. at least nine people have thought to have died and many more are missing. >> shelter from the storm. she's safe now, rescued from the floods that have hit the philippines. but there are many more. villages and towns underwater. half a million people here have been affected. these are the worst floods in this region for years. once these were streets. but look at them now. getting through this to safety is a difficult journey. these people never had much. now they just have what they can carry with them. the governments launched a major rescue operation. these boats are the only way to reach those stranded by the floodwaters. she's safe. so is he. but what about the others? we had nowhere to run to, says nancy
Jul 27, 2011 7:00am EDT
the opening ceremony of the london 2012 olympic games, i am live at the aquatic center. speaking to athletes about their expectations ahead of the tournament. >> hello. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and the foreign office has just unveiled the latest deaths in the campaign to push the libyan leader, -- the latest steps in the campaign to push the libyan leader, muammar gaddafi, out of power. we'll get reaction from tripoli in a moment. first, here is the announcement made by the british foreign secretary. >> we informed him that he and other regime diplomats from the gaddafi regime must now leave the united kingdom. we no longer recognize them as the representatives of the libyan government and we are inviting the national transitional council to appoint a new envoy takeover the libyan embassy in london. in line with the un security council resolution, the u.k. continues to explore how to un freeze assets to support the national transitional council. >> in the meantime, let's take a look get some of the other stories making headlines today. oslo is a city still on edge aft
Jul 30, 2011 12:00pm PDT
olympic games once again. london promised to build -- arlenet irina's us. how was london getting on? this is how the dream took shape. space age arenas for that world to visit. the centerpiece, the 80,000 seat olympic stadium. amazing what a few billion can do. already, they are laying the running track. the most ambitious pledges are still kept. they got the olympics because of what they promised, the regeneration of london's poorest areas. this is to be the launch pad, the future is supposed to start here. there is of course a buzzword. the buzz word is legacy. the regeneration of the entire community for the benefit of everyone that lives there. most of the olympics will happen in the east london borough. the locals have faced years of destruction. the mayor says that it will be worth it if they can see the benefit. >> are you worried that people resent this? >> yes. >> we want a dress rehearsal. we get the feel of the olympics. there are lots of things you can do. >> you think that local residents should be invited. >> london needs jobs. the mayor says the construction for one a
Jul 27, 2011 12:00pm EDT
line. plus, we will speak with two olympic hopefuls they're hard at work training for next year's switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> we uncover new questions about the system intended to hold maryland judges accountable. it helps explain why we cannot hear a lot of -- hear about judges who may be of concern. >> we have shown a previous story about how much secrecy surrounds the accountability of judges. most disciplinary actions are kept confidential. how far does the system to keep it that way? >> when i left the courtroom that day, i thought i was going to have a mental breakdown. i cannot believe what i have experienced. >> jim trummel is the father of a rape victi in january 2009, his 15-year-old daughter was raped by three teenage boys during a party in a montgomery county apartment. but at the juvenile court hearing, the judge mostly talked not about them, but about jim's daughter, effectively blaming her for what happened. >> her character was quest
Jul 28, 2011 12:30am PDT
line to the olympics. and independent inquiry has found that one in 10 experiments on monkeys has no clear sign to the purpose. studies involving monkeys have led to important benefits over the years, such as the development of a polio vaccine and treatment for strokes and parkinson's disease. an animal welfare groups describe the inquiry's findings as chilling. >> it is done in cases where we believe it will yield fantastic results that meat -- that may either now or sometime in the future be important for human health. >> but is all the research carried out really necessary? and does it always lead to a scientific and medical benefits? according to a review of research on monkeys, on the whole, the work is of high quality and were continuing, but there were some concerns. -- worth continuing, but there were some concerns. >> some of the work does not justify continuing in terms of its medical or public benefits. some of it seems a bit pedestrian. >> one in 10 medical research projects involving monkeys had no clear benefits. the report also recommends they should be better scree
Jul 27, 2011 4:00pm PDT
to the olympics, with just one year to go. london is busy getting ready. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. after months of nato bombing and continuing combat on the ground, the international effort to remove moammar gaddafi from power got another boost today. britain declared but another governing authority and expel the remaining diplomats from london. this follows the move by the u.s. and paves the way to unfreezing millions in dollars. but will it make a difference on the ground? john simpson reports. >> 6:00 in the morning in the mountains. spies have warned of a buildup of pro gaddafi forces nearby, but these are not trained soldiers. they are just a bunch of volunteers. hours pass, and the gaddafi troops do not attack. the rebels were lax. they hope it is a false alarm. 11:00 a.m., but now, it is too hot for fighting. suddenly go, a lookout spots a column of enemy vehicles heading this way. there is going to be a battle after all. you can hear it. just sheltering beside this building. out there, the gaddafi people are shooting in our direction. bullets flyi
Jul 2, 2011 3:35am PDT
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Jul 27, 2011 1:00am PDT
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Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. and the winner is pyeongchang, south korea will host the 2018 winter olympics. 200 german tanks were sold to saudi arabia. the government has remained silent about this deal but the opposition has blasted. >> another downgrade for portugal, now the rating agencies come under fire. >> jubilation in one city, broken hearts in another, the international olympic committee has chosen pyeongchang in south korea as host of the 2018 olympics. this was made in the first round of voting. munich was among the front runners. in the end, it was the south koreans that proved most convincing. >> african children in traditional dress deliver the envelope that contained the results of the secret ballot of the host of the 2018 winter olympics. it was opened slowly, which raised the suspense. >> pyeongchang. [applause] >> south korea was a clear winner. they secured an absolute majority with 63 votes in one round. munich got 25 and france, just 7. pyeongchang narrowly lost two earlier bids. >> we are absolutely delighted that pyeongchang has been awarded to host the 2018 olympic winter games. over the cours
Jul 27, 2011 2:30pm PDT
as the government promises an investigation. and counting down to the olympics. with just one year to go, london is busy getting ready in time. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. in norway, the prime minister has about his country will counter last week's terror attacks with more democracy. he said that norway would not be intimidated by friday's mass killings and that a commission would be set up to determine how the events transpired. meanwhile, police are continuing to search for people who were reported missing on utoeya island. >> oslo central station. the country is on edge. abandoned suitcases spotted. it was harmless, but norwegians are haunted but -- by what happened five days a large car bomb launched a massacre last friday. a shooter went on touse -- to shoot children at summer camp. >> was there a time when you thought you were not going to survive? >> yes. >> you can close to it? >> yes. >> are you through the worst of it, or is the worst still to come for you? >> i think the worst of it will be to know all of the names of those who are dead. and the
Jul 31, 2011 12:00pm PDT
states olympic committee coach of the year. rose, where are you? what a wonderful party you put on last night. it was absolutely outstanding. thank you. [applause] bruce pickering, executive director of the asia society of northern california, who has helped us with the forum. the executive director of the chinese historical society. and then the libyans in the audience. if i could ask you to stand -- then, the olympians in the audience. if i could ask you to stand. [applause] thank you. willie is the president of the united states olympic alumni association, and our future olympian, who was just out here. where are you? wait to everybody -- waived everybody. [applause] we have watched her grow up, and we are so proud of her. representative of the international table tennis federation and headed junior development. now, it is my great honor to introduce our mayor, mayor lee. we are so grateful for his support. when we found out the delegation was coming, asked for his help, and what a big help he has been. we also found out that he plays a big pingpong himself, so we look forward to see
Jul 6, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. the international olympic committee has chosen pyeongchang to host the 2018 winter olympics, south korea's first ever winter games. >> the international olympic committee has the honor of announcing that the 23rd olympic winter games in 2018 are awarded to the city of -- pyeongchang. [ cheers and applause ] >> the ioc announced the decision in durban, south africa on wednesday. ioc members used an electronic voting system to cast unsigned ballots for three candidate cities. munich, germany, and annecy, france were the other two. among the attendees south korean president lee myung bak and olympic figure skating champion kim yu-na were ecstatic with the result. kim won the gold medal at the vancouver winter olympics in 2010. >> translator: i've been under pressure as an ambassador, but i'm really happy with the result. >> it was a case of third time lucky for pyeongchang, which made unsuccessful bids for the 2010 and 2014 games. south korea will be the second country in asia after japan to host both summer and winter games. >> pyeongchang. [ cheers ] >> celebrations broke out in pyeongchang early
Jul 27, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. >>> triumph and tragedy. an american at the top of his game at the olympic games and now questions about how he fell so hard, so fast to such a tragic ending. >>> and american history. from world war i until present day, a place that has healed america's badly wounded warriors. tonight an emotional ending for a great name. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good evening from capitol hill in washington. tonight, where this fight over the looming financial crisis goes on on two fronts, here in these corridors and across the country, on the internet, on the airwaves, while elected lawmakers, it should be said, engage in some high risk behavior. tonight here they're still talking and they're counting votes and they're deciding what this fix should look like. we're here and we have been here all day, we should tell you, because we have been allowed behind the scenes. nbc news is taking on something that has never been allowed here before. we have filled the hill with cameras and journalists all day long today for an hour long special this coming sunda
Jul 27, 2011 6:00pm PDT
government. >> where they 2012 olympics have been -- this is a race to the finish line. >> torrential rain described as the worst in a century has killed at least 28 people. the capital has been one of the worst hit areas. >> seoul submerged. the worst rains south korea has seen in the century and look at the results. streets impassible. undergrounds stations closed. this is the daily commute to work. with the sudden rain, the streets are flooded. it is hard to get around. in this summer it's stopped raining. the weather has left its mark. this is the aftermath of money -- many mudslides. soldiers from the south korean army have been drafted in. the cleanup operations have begun. for local people, it is too early to think of rebuilding. >> there are some money destroyed homes including my house and a loss of lives. we were so desperate, we cannot imagine how we can recover. >> this misery is not overreact. forecasters say the rain will continue until friday. >> a cargo plane has crashed into the sea of south korea near an island. it was found by coast guard patrol boats. the pilot and co-p
Jul 19, 2011 4:00pm PDT
stroman is set to die by lethal injection. hoping to make a splash in the london olympics, with just a year left to go, we follow one british swimmer working hard to make the cut. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. shocked, appalled, a shame, the words that british -- that rupert murdoch used before british lawmakers. he was addressing the scandal which has sent shock waves through the metropolitan police. appearing beside his son, the senior murdoch apologized for the hurt that has been caused but maintained he was not responsible. the proceedings were interrupted by a demonstrator using a plateful of foam. >> the policemen are there to protect rupert in james murdoch, not taken in for questioning. that job fell to a committee of and peace. that tycoon's wife was behind him offering physical and emotional support. his son and once heir apparent said anxiously at his side -- sat anxiously at his side. >> i would like to see how sorry we are. >> rupert murdoch was determined to deliver a one line. >> i would just like to say one sentence, this is the m
Jul 8, 2011 5:00pm PDT
sport is now trying to get to a record-breaking sixth olympic games. a florida swimmer, dara torres, has her sights set on the 2012 london poichblgs she had already qualified for the trials next june. now it's five days a week of intensive training for the 12-time medal winner. torres was in her first olympics in 1984 at 17. now at 44, she's as fit as ever, but it isn't always easy to stay in top shape. >> sometimes i'll go to lift up my daughter and my back goes out. it's not because of my training, i'm just middle age and getting the same aches and pains as middle age people get. >> torres already holds the distinction of being the oldest swimmer to compete at the olympics. she was 41 when she competed in beijing in 2008. >>> speaking of the games, a massive amount of ticket for the london olympics is on sale. 1.5 million tickets for soccer, 8,000 for freestyle wrestle regular available, being sold on a first come, first serve basis through july 17. there will be another chance to buy more tickets early next year. >>> that was another day to head to the pool. very hot still in san jose
Jul 27, 2011 9:00am EDT
. take a look. a live shot right now of the olympic park in london as the countdown has now reached 365 days until the opening ceremony of the 2012 summer games in that great city. a lot of excitement here on this side of the plaza. we're going to have more on the countdown and meet a couple of gold medal winning athletes in a couple of minutes. on that same plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, al roker and savannah guthrie. what else? >> that music is making me stand up taller. what else is coming up in this half hour? >> we've got a look ahead to our money 911 segment. we've got, of course, answers to all of your financial problems. anything from building your credit score, even if you've never had one, to the best investment if you're giving a gift of money to a baby. make sure it's clean. >> all right. and in today's health we're going to talk about health problems that we're all too embarrassed to talk about, chronic bad breath, maybe you sweat too much or you drool when you sleep. it could be a sign of a deeper disorder. we'll talk about that and the treatment methods. >> a
Jul 6, 2011 6:00am PDT
cities vying to host the olympics. we find out who makes the grade. >>> some people do just about anything to find out the scoop on our hollywood celebs. actor hugh grant says he is the latest victim of that saying he has been hacked by british journalist and claims to have met the guy who did it. cnn's richard quest just finished interviewing grant. richard, what is the deal? >> reporter: well, hugh grant has been one of those hollywood celebrities who has come out and been forceful in the criticism and allegations concerning the news of the world, the british paper at the center of discussing phone hacking scandal in britain. grant says some years ago he was hacked as a hollywood celebrity. he then went out and hacked the hacker and learned all sorts of investigations about just how bad things are. british tabloid newspapers. when i meant grant this afternoon, hugh grant was very clear that he said he had no confidence in the newspaper a's investigation and little confidence in police and what is a full inquire in britain. >> what we need is a big public inquiry into all of the
Jul 6, 2011 5:00pm PDT
olympics. it beat out germany and france to host the games. the city narrowly lost bids for the 2010 and 2014 games. but this time it took just one round of voting for the city to secure the 2018 olympics. the town of 47,000 lies near south korea's east coast. it will be the first time the games have been held in asia since the 1998 nagano games in japan. >>> all right. speaking of games. our own jeff ranieri is live at stanford trying his hand at ping pong. it's part of the 40th anniversary of the celebration of ping pong diplomacy. how are you doing, jeff? >> let's see the paddle. >> reporter: we're going to hold off on the ping pong for a little bit. i don't wanted to give too much away about how good my game s. that's right. tonight is the 40th anniversary of ping pong diplomacy. it's really something that seems like an odd combo. ping pong and politics. when you think about, it the beijing paperwork in 2008, this is a paper from when i covered the beijing olympics, actually has u.s. athletes on the front page of the beijing paper. this would not have been possible -- u.s. athlet
Jul 19, 2011 2:30pm PDT
. hoping to make a splash, the london olympics. we follow one british athlete training hard to make the cut. welcome to our viewers on pbs and america. shocked, appalled, ashamed, the words that rupert murdoch used before lawmakers. that was his reaction tuesday phone hacking scandal that has unraveled his empire and sent shock waves through the military -- through the metropolitan police. they apologized for the hurt that was caused but they claimed that they were not responsible. the proceedings were interrupted by protesters with a plateful of foam. >> the moment when two of the world's most powerful media moguls, rupert murdoch and his son,, arrived to be held to account for the way that there company invaded the privacy of individuals. >> do you have anything to say about the phone hacking? >> they yielded huge power at the top of the british and world media industry. >> i would just like to say one sentence, this is the most humble day of my life. >> they are reporting on rottenness. the media directing a lens at the u.k.'s biggest u.k. newspaper company. there has never been anything
Jul 26, 2011 5:00am EDT
, queuing for petrol. the u.n. warns of the affects of libya eswar on ordinary people. >> and the olympics in 20 12. but will this youngster be beaten by politics rather than her opponent? hello. the game of political brinkmanship played out in the united states really is reaching its 11th hour. the deadline for extending the u.s. debt ceiling and avoiding a default on those debts is just days away. republicans and democrats still refuse to settle on a compromise deal. barack obama sticks to raising taxes. >> america is a week away from the unthinkable. world's most reliable borrower unable to repay its debt. in a hastily-arranged press conference, president obama smained. >> defaulting on our obligations is a reckless and irresponsible outcome to this debate. >> he warns a default would trip the downgrade of american rates sending mortgages and car loans soaring. >> it's a dangerous game we have never played before, and we can't afford to play it now. not when the jobs and lifely hoods of so many families are at stake. we can't allow the american people become collateral damage to politic
Jul 27, 2011 7:00am EDT
that in an exclusive live interview. >>> olympic tragedy. even as organizers mark the one-year countdown to the 2012 summer games in london, word that winter olympian jarrett speedy peterson takes his own life. speedy peterson takes his own life. july 27, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. as next tuesday's deadline gets closer, it seems the anger is getting louder among many citizens. americans are just fed up with the stalemate. >> and they're letting people in washingt know about it. the latest setback came last night whun speaker boehner was told by the congressional budget office his proposal would cut spending far less than advertised. now, that fact drew instant criticism from both parties. we'll get the latest from washington and we'll speak to one senator who has been in all the meetings so far. we'll talk to him. >>> also this morning, imagine not being able to go to your child's school functions or coach their sports teams or find certain jobs. a father of four in texas has
Jul 6, 2011 12:00pm EDT
. the trial is expected to take four to six weeks. >>> breaking news this noon. winter olympics are heading to south korea. international olympic committee just named south korea the 2015 olympic games. it will be the first asian city outside of japan to host the winter games. in it was a saudi morning for some of us. more rain could be coming through soon. -- it was a soggy rainy morning for some of us. >> we are expecting more rain. we have some action on the radar screen right now. it is all south of the metro area. some of it is heavy. maryland. solomons island getting a nice down for at this hour. these are drifting eastward. that is what we have right now. temperature was 81 in the district. your forecast coming up. >>> it looks like more headaches are ahead for metro riders. a new report shows the transit short ofs fallen meeting its own performance even after lowering the bar. . carter has more now. -- brianne carter has more now. >> every day i take the metro something is wrong. >> was not good news for the riders at metro foggy bottom. this has been out of service to completely re
Jul 27, 2011 6:00pm PDT
friday's attacks in norway. the clock is ticking as london gets ready to host the 2012 summer olympics. the food is finally coming in. the united nations has begun airlifting food to eastern africa, trying to ease what is being called the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 12 million people from somalia to kenya to ethiopia are threatened by famine. hundreds of thousands are in camps, waiting for something to eat. >> emergency food supplies are on their way from kenya to somalia. the u.n. says it is faster to deliver aid by air than by road. the packets contain food rich in protein and energy. they are meant for severely malnourished children. >> there are 110 within the next few days, and 80 after that. we're sending it to supplementary feeding centers. >> every minute counts. this young boy desperately needs food. his mother brought him from somalia to the refugee camp in kenya. he is almost one year old, but ways just 3 kilograms, like a newborn. >> he should be 8 kilos to 9 kilos. it shows he is severely, severely malnourished. >> it is even worse back in somalia, where more than 3
Jul 11, 2011 5:00pm PDT
to rebuild. don't forget to watch on "newsline." >>> three officials of the north korean olympic committee have arrived in tokyo to attend a meeting of the olympic council on sunday. where vice president of the north korean olympic committee and two others arrived monday night. they're the first from that country to visit japan in five years. in october 2006, they were banned from entering the country. the move was in protest against the north's nuclear tests and the abductions of japanese nationals. government officials say they allowed the officials to come to japan in view of the olympic charter that prohibits discrimination for political reasons. the north korean member of the committee and another official will arrive on wednesday for the meeting. they're scheduled to be in japan until friday. >>> the u.s. navy opened its nuclear-powered submarine to the media in south korea on monday in a show of deterrence aimed at north korea. the uss texas made a port call in pusan on saturday for its crew members' rest. it is armed with tomahawk missiles and intelligence. >> the purpose of our po
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 649 (some duplicates have been removed)